Some thoughts on Getting Better

The Earth is Warming
Do You Believe? And will you help find a solution?

 Global warming is real, man-made, and caused by the burning of fossil fuels and Will cause irreversable, possibly catastrophic damages to our planet; and can be stopped and reversed.
We can change our current path through Conservation, Production, Storage, Distribution!
     Energy Conservation  

We can reduce our energy use by 40% through simple conservation with no loss of "Quality of Life".  Simply.  Here're some ideas.
Energy Production 
 We can generate our energy cheaper than fossil fuels - with no CO2 emmisions.  Cleanly!  With HeliWinds, HeliTubes,  Concentrating Solar Collectors and Biofuels.  Here're four proposed energy systems that can do it.  Now!
Energy Storage
 We'll convert to a Hydrogen-Oxygen based society.  H2-O2 can burn in most combustion systems (IC's, turbines, etc.) with few modifications.  Discharge is 100% water...nothing else.  We'll  replace our cars fuel tanks, oil storage farms and coal piles with H2-O2 storage systems.
Energy Distribution
 We should make hydrogen H2-Oproduce  by electrolysis where needed, and store it until the end user needs it.

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