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The Earth is Warming
Do You Believe? And will you help find a solution?

 Global warming is real, man-made, and caused by the burning of fossil fuels and Will cause irreversable, possibly catastrophic damages to our planet; and can be stopped and reversed.
We can change our current path through Conservation, Production, Storage, Distribution!
     Energy Conservation  

We can reduce our energy use by 40% through simple conservation with no loss of "Quality of Life".  Simply.  Here're some ideas.
Energy Production 
 We can generate our energy cheaper than fossil fuels - with no CO2 emmisions.  Cleanly!  With HeliWinds, HeliTubes,  Concentrating Solar Collectors and Biofuels.  Here're four proposed energy systems that can do it.  Now!
Energy Storage
 We'll convert to a Hydrogen-Oxygen based society.  H2-O2 can burn in most combustion systems (IC's, turbines, etc.) with few modifications.  Discharge is 100% water...nothing else.  We'll  replace our cars fuel tanks, oil storage farms and coal piles with H2-O2 storage systems.
Energy Distribution
 We should make hydrogen H2-Oproduce  by electrolysis where needed, and store it until the end user needs it.

Critical Mass is awesome

Bikes are Awesome. We started the first Brevard County Critical Mass today, the ride has been a success so far. I am typing this from a coffee house computer. Yay free internets.

Estimating Electric Energy Use for the Home or Business

If you would really like to know your home power consumption:

1. Grab a piece of paper and a pen
2. Go from outlet to outlet and check the number of watts each appliance uses, writing them down on the piece of paper as if they were in a table with five colums. (Appliance Name, Wattage, Hours, kWh)
(1 kilowatt (kW) = 1,000 Watts)
3. Now input a guess for the number of Hours each appliance is used.
4. Multiply the Wattage by the Hours Used Divided by 1000 to get the Kilowatt Hour Consumption
(Wattage × Hours Used Per Day ÷ 1000 = Daily Kilowatt-hour (kWh) consumption
5. Multiply the Kilowatt Hour Consumption by the Price (cents) per Kilowatt Hour
( kWh ×  cents/kWh)

Window fan:
(200 Watts × 4 hours/day × 120 days/year) ÷ 1000
= 96 kWh × 8.5 cents/kWh
= $8.16/year

Personal Computer and Monitor:
(120 + 150 Watts × 4 hours/day × 365 days/year) ÷ 1000
= 394 kWh × 8.5 cents/kWh
= $33.51/year

Make sure to improve efficiency by using sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, efficiency devices, solar, wind, hydro, and green home cleaning. Take public transport and use your bicycle. Go through life happy and bless others as you walk this planet, practice a life of sustainability and improve on what others give you. Feed a man

Critical Mass Brevard Event Next Friday

 Hey cyclists!

So, I've mapped out a route for this coming Friday. Am very excited and hope all of you love it, I think it is going to be fun. All of your friends and family are more than welcome to join, have them e-mail me so I can add them to the group so they can get the ride details.

We will meet at Promenade Park in Crane Creek downtown Melbourne at 5:00p.m. this Friday, December 18th under the gazebo. See map for details.

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Greener Living With Vegetable Gardening

Earth Ship Class

Need For Bike Paths on A1A corridor

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Critical Mass Flyer.wps

Cyclists Unite!

Critical Mass is a celebration of the solidarity shared amongst cyclists. No matter your age, sex, occupation, or bicycle you ride - this is an event that will

change your life!

Date: Every Friday

Start Time: 5:00pm

Duration: 2-4 hours depending on the route and

stops are frequent along the way.
Speed: ranges from 10-30mph but no person is left behind.
Terrain: Mostly flat with scenic views.

E-mail this address to be put on the list. In subject line, write “cyclists unite!”!
little to no hills. Mostly neigborhood streets but occasionally main roads.
Ages: Every age is welcome, however, children must be accompanied by an adult.
Contact Info: To be put on the Critical Mass e-mail list and notified of weekly routes and updates, e-mail with “Cyclists Unite!” in the subject line.

Unitarian Universalist Community Garden

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Solar Power

Solar Power comes from the Sun and is differentiated into two primary groupings thermal and PV. Solar Thermal is the type of solar panels you would find on top of a roof heating water. The two types of systems you will find this in is solar thermal domestic hot water heaters and solar thermal pool heaters. Another form of solar thermal is the solar trouph collectors you can see out in the New Mexico dessert. The solar thermal trouph collectors collect the suns heat and use that heat to evaporate a liquid to gas form to drive a turbine, which is another way to get electricity out of the suns rays. Solar PV is simply the direct conversion of the Suns rays into electrons, using thin sheets of silicon semiconducting material. PV panels are made from Silicon which is a semiconductor, and are made using a process called doping, where the properties of silicon are manipulated to give two layers of silicon counterposing charges.