Solar Power

Solar Power comes from the Sun and is differentiated into two primary groupings thermal and PV. Solar Thermal is the type of solar panels you would find on top of a roof heating water. The two types of systems you will find this in is solar thermal domestic hot water heaters and solar thermal pool heaters. Another form of solar thermal is the solar trouph collectors you can see out in the New Mexico dessert. The solar thermal trouph collectors collect the suns heat and use that heat to evaporate a liquid to gas form to drive a turbine, which is another way to get electricity out of the suns rays. Solar PV is simply the direct conversion of the Suns rays into electrons, using thin sheets of silicon semiconducting material. PV panels are made from Silicon which is a semiconductor, and are made using a process called doping, where the properties of silicon are manipulated to give two layers of silicon counterposing charges.