Government and EEM

If the government wants to get us out of this crisis the first step would be to free up money for renewable energy. If they would provide grants for Residential Solar Installs there would be a huge boost to the economy with better outcomes than any other investment. As well the government could provide mortgage insurance to companies willing to provide energy efficient mortgages to homeowners. As well they could pay for the education of people who want to take renewable energy classes. They could pay for the HERS reports people want to get to be qualified for the EEMs. Also they could bail-in a whole host of car manufacture companies willing to produce vehicles that get way better fuel efficiency than is currently accepted by the larger hog companies. Why give 30 billion to a company that is experienced at failure and bloated with high paid jobs, when we could create 300 lean companies, some would be expected to fail, with the prospect of creating some of the newest and most inovattive vehicles ever seen in the history of man. If we just stopped the bloating with some antacid maybe we could clear the way for a proper diet.

Working on the LVAWT

I have been working on the Drawings for my LVAWT, a type of lighter than air vertical axis wind turbine. I came up with an alternator assembly which will both reduce burn up risk as well as negate the need for a breaking device. I hope that with this project progressing people will some day achieve the ability to use electricity however and whenever they want. As well I believe this technology may be easily spread to third world countries, and may ultimately become one of the most prevalent forms of renewable energy in the world.

EEM EIM and Energy Incentives

Have you thought about Buying a house Latelly?

Disclaimer: I do not propose to be in any way interested in your decisions. Do your own research before taking out a mortgage. I am simply stating some ideas I have, and am not involved legally nor personally in investments therof.

Did you know that An EEM or and EIM might be just what the doctor ordered. Energy Efficient Mortgages and Energy Investment Mortgages have recieved backing from the government mortgage broking system. There are a few quirks to the system. Mak

Banks don't like giving money to just people any more, they would like the money to go toward machines which they can share the risk in. Imagine getting stuck with a bill, one which keeps getting inflated, that is your energy bill. Imagine an investment which has predictable payoffs in the long run. Banks have decided that predictable capital returns are a great way to leverage envestments, and So has the government. The capital markets are more open to capital investments, so it seems that banks may tend to lend money with positive returns that don't hinge on individual choices. Entire communities could go green, with the reduced venture costs generated by enherent levels of risk being dedicated to individuals and the decision making models which may be changed by degrees of freedom when predictably guided by basic media models and community belief structures. The capital markets like Renewable Energy, so long as they are not heavely leveraged in fossil fuet consumption, in which case a reverse model becomes inherent in the capital development and social structiure interior to the capital helpers and holders.