Interested in a Solar Energy Career in Florida?

Check out the website for info on starting a career in the solar industry. Are you a welder or an electrician? If so you are already pretty qualified to help in the renewable energy sector. For more info on training check out this website. Check out these webinars as well.I wish you good luck if you are planning a renewable energy career for your future. We need more people willing to do the jobs that count, the jobs which will save our planet.

UGE wind Turbines are the New Wow product for those interested in Renewable Energy

Check out the UGE wind turbine by searching for it on or researc the product at the Urban Green Energy Website. This Vertical Axis Wind Turbine is the finest wind turbine in existence today, with a low startup speed, a sleek design, and a price that made my jaw drop. If you are interested in buying one, get in line!

Green Energy Class at Satellite Beach Library june 29th 2009

I will be teaching a class on Green Energy for those of you interested in saving the earth as well as saving some cash. The class will be free and will feature certain gadgets you can buy as well as certain processes you can do to save the earth. I hope to see you all there, so come on down to learn more about Solar, Wind, Hydro, and Efficiency products that may be right for you. The class will take place at the Satellite Beach Public Library Community Room, on Wednesday June 29th 2009 from 6:30pm to 8pm. Contact Me for more info ttrenaissance (at symbol)

I would like to thank Satellite Beach Public Library for the use of its extensive resources.

Interested in Green Renewable Energy Classes (Solar, Wind, and Hydro)?

I will be preparing to teach energy efficiency classes in Satellite Beach within the next month on Solar, Wind, and Hydro power for the home and small business consumer. With my classes I hope to provide the much needed information to the general public, so that they can make educated choices when deciding to go green. These classes will be begining some time in late june 2009, so if you are interested contact me for more info. My first class will be on Solar Power. I hope to see people who are interested in other topics of renewable energy as I would be happy to discuss other topics of interest for those who ask questions. I will go into great detail on the differance between Solar Thermal and Solar Photovoltaics and which is a more cost effective solution. I hope to see people from Satellite Beach, Melbourne, Cocoa, and any nearby areas. If you are interested contact me and I would be happy to tell you the details.