SuperTurbine Now Available!

Inventor Dough Selsam, Featured in Popular Science magazine has done it, he has invented a multi rotor wind turbine. Think one blade per alternator is good, try multiple rotors. This guy is genius, by making the drive shaft go through both sides of a horizontal axis wind turbine alternator, he could put not just one blade, but two. He is also developing something he calls the wind dragon, a version with multiple turbines held aloft by balloons. Great inventor great idea, I will ad a link to his site soon.

Greener Living Class (FREE)

My class just got an ad in the local Natural Awakenings. Thanks Natural Awakenings for allowing me to post the ad. Thanks also to for being the coolest classified site ever. I will be developing a Catalog soon which will have all sorts of awesome products in it. Look forward to ordering LEDs, CFLs, Wind Turbines, Heat recovery Ventilators, and More within the next month from one of my salesmen.

Please show up to my class as I teach all I know. The class will be free and will feature certain gadgets you can buy as well as certain processes you can do to save the earth. I hope to see you all there, so come on down to learn more about Solar, Wind, Hydro, and Efficiency products that may be right for you. The class will take place at the Satellite Beach Public Library Community Room, on Wednesday June 29th 2009 from 6:30pm to 8pm. Contact Me for more info ttrenaissance (at symbol)