Some thoughts on Getting Better

The Earth is Warming
Do You Believe? And will you help find a solution?

 Global warming is real, man-made, and caused by the burning of fossil fuels and Will cause irreversable, possibly catastrophic damages to our planet; and can be stopped and reversed.
We can change our current path through Conservation, Production, Storage, Distribution!
     Energy Conservation  

We can reduce our energy use by 40% through simple conservation with no loss of "Quality of Life".  Simply.  Here're some ideas.
Energy Production 
 We can generate our energy cheaper than fossil fuels - with no CO2 emmisions.  Cleanly!  With HeliWinds, HeliTubes,  Concentrating Solar Collectors and Biofuels.  Here're four proposed energy systems that can do it.  Now!
Energy Storage
 We'll convert to a Hydrogen-Oxygen based society.  H2-O2 can burn in most combustion systems (IC's, turbines, etc.) with few modifications.  Discharge is 100% water...nothing else.  We'll  replace our cars fuel tanks, oil storage farms and coal piles with H2-O2 storage systems.
Energy Distribution
 We should make hydrogen H2-Oproduce  by electrolysis where needed, and store it until the end user needs it.

Critical Mass is awesome

Bikes are Awesome. We started the first Brevard County Critical Mass today, the ride has been a success so far. I am typing this from a coffee house computer. Yay free internets.