Get Ready for A Great Green Change

We humans have been on this planet for a relatively short period of time. Don't you think its time, our evolution be given a boost. We can and will become a better humanity if we just think of the consequences of our actions and don't allow our own prejudices to impact others or make others prejudice. If we can listen to our ego just enough to keep us safe, meanwhile contributing as much as possible to the future of our communal development. I believe a future is at hand, I feel it is just around the corner. The day when someone says... Net Carbon Negative country reduces its carbon contribution to a negative number/ a positive impact. With wind, water, and solar tech getting closer and closer to changing the very way we interact with energy we may have come full circle. Maybe there is time for us yet. With ocean waste at an all time high, maybe its time to start mining the pollution. Maybe its time to start getting the disgusting gunk out of your ecosystem. Perhaps, if you would like your children to live in a better world you would pay a few cents more for electric, a few cents more for fruit and veggies, a few cents more for a biodegradable plastic bottle, a few dollars more for you car, and so on.... after all it make since to acknowledge the legacy debt you will leave to your offspring. It is time to accept the consequences of your mother and fathers actions. The time has come to accept the lifestyle which will best help the whole. Perhaps have less children (1 or 2) after all if its your right to pollute, to breed, to feed, and to need, It will be your children s right to clean up after all the things you have left behind. Would you like to leave a legacy of change a legacy of promise a legacy of enchantment with nature, or a legacy of brutal hypocrisy a legacy of death destruction and oil spills. We all have the chance, and now We must acknowledge we have the Power.

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